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Membership in our coalition is free and open to Jewish-affiliated organizations and individuals in New York City who sign on to our mission statement.

Our members:

  • Are invited to attend Coalition meetings that take place every 6 weeks.

  • Are​ encouraged to join our committees and contribute to our advocacy, education, Justice Beit Midrash, and direct service efforts.

  • Plan, promote and participate in events that provide opportunities for members to learn from experts and those most impacted by criminal justice issues.

  • Craft strategies for educating and energizing the Jewish community.

Member organizations are also empowered to vote on whether the Coalition will endorse or sponsor specific criminal justice reform initiatives or legislation.

  • We only act in the Coalition’s name if at least 75% of our member organizations approve of the Coalition’s involvement.

  • The Coalition has voted in the past to advocate for the Clean Slate Act, the Less is More Act, Elder Parole, Fair and Timely Parole, and improving the conditions at Rikers Island.

  • If the Coalition does not reach the 75% threshold for supporting a proposed initiative or reform, individual member organizations can endorse, sponsor or sign on in their own names.



Join Us


The Coalition seeks to broaden our network of Jewish New Yorkers who seek to build a just and compassionate system, and amplify the moral call of Jewish tradition in addressing injustice and improving public safety.

Please contact us about joining the Coalition if you are interested in:

  • Creating and shaping our collective policy agenda to bring about criminal justice reform.

  • Engaging with city and state legislators, key policymakers and thought leaders.

  • Expanding the impact, knowledge and advocacy of your synagogue's Social Action or Racial Equity Committee.

  • Networking with other Jewish-affiliated Coalition members passionate about pursuing justice in New York.

  • Accessing policy updates and criminal justice reform organizations at the forefront of change.

  • Learning from those directly impacted by mass incarceration and systemic inequity.

  • Connecting with advocacy opportunities, including political events, social media campaigns and meetings with legislators.

  • Participating in direct service projects such as donation drives and visits to Rikers Island.

  • Bringing resources, discussion guides, and activities back to your community.

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