Our work is driven by and approved by our member organizations who shape our policy agenda, design our educational programming, inform our efforts through Jewish study, and perform direct service. 

With the guidance of our Steering Committee and partner organizations we focus on specific issues areas or policy reforms.  The Coalition has voted to advocate for the Clean Slate Act, the Less is More Act, Elder Parole, Fair and Timely Parole, and improving the conditions at Rikers Island.  Our Education, Direct Service, Advocacy and Justice Beit Midrash committees coordinate their agendas and actions in support of these issue areas and reform goals.




Each of our committees is led by one of our Coalition members.  Committee Chairs also sit on our Steering Committee and guide our work.  Committees meet once or twice a month at a regular time.  If you are interested in joining a committee contact Rachel Lissy at lissyr@jcrcny.org



Our advocacy committee works with criminal justice reform partners at the forefront of change to identify and push for key areas of reform, proposes policies and initiatives to the Coalition for member organizations to vote upon, and advocates for legislative change to bring about a safer and more just city for all New Yorkers.



Our education committee creates events, opportunities, and resources to help member organizations learn about critical issues related to criminal justice reform. We aim to cultivate a space within the Jewish community to engage in necessary conversations about public safety and to increase knowledge and awareness of injustices and policy alternatives. 


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Justice Beit Midrash

Each month we invite a guest teacher to guide discussion of issues related to criminal justice reform through a lens of Jewish teachings, texts, and traditions.  JBM meetings also serve as a laboratory for generating ideas, resources, and connections between our guiding Jewish values and our advocacy, education, and direct service efforts.  JBM meetings take place virtually, the second Tuesday of each month from 12-1pm.


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Direct Service

Our direct service committee connects Coalition members with opportunities to meet the needs of people directly impacted by our criminal justice system. We currently organize and support voter registration, interfaith clergy and worship service visits to Rikers Island. 


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